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Rangers returning to Park
26 November 2008, 09:05 | Robert Muir

Nearly the entire province is under rebel control and will probably remain so until the government agrees to negotiate with them and have tackled the problem of the FDLR, an armed group responsible for the 1994 Rwandan Genocide who have sought refuge in DRC.

Meanwhile, the ICCN has managed to open up dialogue with the rebels who now control much of the park and has managed to negotiate the return of 120 rangers to Rumangabo Park Headquarters. They are currently negotiating the possibility of carrying out a census in order to establish what impact the recent fighting has had on the mountain gorilla population.

This is a great first step by the ICCN and demonstrates that the ranger’s neutrality and impartiality has been recognised by the rebel group, even though they are at war with the government forces…

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