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Rest & Relaxation for Rhinos in Serengeti
28 Mai 2010, 01:02 |
Rhino in boma (Northern Seregeti)

It has been a week since our new hefty visitors arrived…and it’s hard to say the excitement has ceased at all. Those who have visited them at the bomas all agree it has made the entire event seem so real to have them here on Serengeti soil at last.

Bomas built for rhinos

Juliette Erdtsieck and Berry White, known for their unique ability to “whisper”, calm the rhinos morning to night through soft communication. They walk back and forth between the bomas assuring the rhinos are ok in a voice similar to one you might use with a small child. Amazingly, they react. Within moments the rhinos will lay down, rest and sometimes even sleep.

Juliette Erdtsieck and Berry White - Boma Managers

A report from the vet, Markus Hofmeyr, who has been with them the first week observed that they are all doing well. The rhino all drank water the first night after offloading and have begun eating more and more local browse. However, they are occasionally still treated with fruits and lucerne to ensure they are getting enough nutrients and happy full stomachs. And we couldn’t have been happier to read the fine line print that all of their feces are well formed and had good color.

Happy rhino in Serenegeti

With 5 new rhinos in the Serengeti and 5 more now happily housed in North Luangwa, the ARO offices are beaming and looking forward to the days ahead.

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