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ProjektBlog: Nashorn-Wiederansiedlung in der Serengeti
20 September 2013, 04:03 | Laura Borner
Rhinos in Tanzania

Rhino in Tanzania
Tanzania is home to the Black or Hook-lip Rhino (Diceros bicornis). Today, in Tanzania as a whole the IUCN estimated 123 black rhino remain in the wild. FZS is currently working in partnership with TANAPA and other Tanzania authorities to increase the security in Serengeti National Park and across the country. Resource protection and monitoring of rhinos (and elephant) is of top priority.

The major threat continues to be poaching for rhino horn. We are convinced that with enough effort, patience, ingenuity, money and hope...

26 September 2011, 08:47 | Dagmar
Rhino bull Benjie died of natural causes

Very unfortunately we lost another rhino bull (‘Benjie’) in the Serengeti. This time not to poaching, but possibly to disease which led to a weakening of the animal and a fall resulting in injuries on the right side. When the rhino rangers first observed that the bull showed a weakness in his right hind leg, the vets under Dr Morkel immobilized the animal and treated it. It seemed to be recovering and was under constant observation from the rhino protection force, but sadly died on 15th September.

An autopsy, which was undertaken on the same day, could not...

25 Februar 2011, 02:49 |
It's a rhino calf! - Serengeti National Park

An unexpected, BIG surprise arrived three days ago in the woodlands of northern Serengeti. Athena, one of the five rhinos that was translocated to the park last year as part of the Serengeti Rhino Repatriation Project, gave birth this past week.

Rangers reported the birth but have done their best to allow Athena and her new offspring some space during these first few days. Once the baby is a bit older, it will be observed more closely to determine its gender...

31 Juli 2010, 10:19 |
Rhinos Released - Serengeti

The bomas were bursting with energy on Thursday evening as the rhino caretakers fed the rhinos their evening browse. All five rhinos have been in good health since they arrived in Serengeti in May and the first to be released on Friday played around in her boma, pushing branches around, jumping in the air and turning on her back while making small squealing noises. The two caretakers, though extremely happy for the animals to be set free, mentioned that they would miss them dearly.

Over the next few days, all five will be released into a site in the ecosystem that...

28 Mai 2010, 01:02 |
Rest & Relaxation for Rhinos in Serengeti

It has been a week since our new hefty visitors arrived…and it’s hard to say the excitement has ceased at all. Those who have visited them at the bomas all agree it has made the entire event seem so real to have them here on Serengeti soil at last.

Juliette Erdtsieck and Berry White, known for their unique ability to “whisper”, calm the rhinos morning to night through soft communication. They walk back and forth between the bomas assuring the rhinos are ok in a voice similar to one you might use with a small child. Amazingly, they react. Within moments...