FZS Conservation Projects

Most of our projects are characterized by long-term commitment and persistence. We believe that this is the only way to approach our goal: conserving biodiversity on a long-term basis. At the moment, FZS supports about 80 conservation projects worldwide.

Conservation is not possible without the support of local people. Hence, close collaboration with local organisations, authorities and people is a basic requirement for all our projects. We only protect what we know - and love. Therefore, education of the people on site is an important component of our projects.


The main focus of FZS work is traditionally in East Africa. Over half of our project funds flow into this area. In Europe, FZS focuses on Eastern European countries where we aim to conserve large and still undestroyed natural habitats. Additionally, FZS also supports projects in South America and Asia. Large areas like savannahs, tropical forests and wetlands which are biodiversity hotspots are to be protected.