Giant Animal Moves - a film of the 2010 rhino move in North Luangwa is being aired on UK terrestrial tv next week (1 June 2011)

By the end of May 2010 and with financial support from a number of external donors such as the US Fish and Wildlife Service, another five rhinos landed in Zambia, completing the reintroduction of a founder population of 25 animals, begun in 2003.

This film follows the FZS team's attempt to move those five mighty black rhinos 1,000 miles across Africa by road and plane to North Lunagwa in Zambia, to help save this species from extinction. Zambia was once home to 12,000 black rhinos but heavy poaching wiped them all out. Spearheading the project is Brit Ed Sayer. Can his team bring this magnificent animal back from the brink of extinction?

Find out on Wednesday 1 June 2011 at 8pm on channel FIVE (UK).

Once it's been shown on tv, the whole film will be available to watch on the Channel FIVE website.